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Empowering utilities to

Our advanced MDMS solution empowers utilities with real-time data, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making across energy management operations.

What makes Voltreum future leaders?

We are building a data engineering system to support: 

Volume: millions of smart metres | Velocity: data ingestion frequency of five minutes or lesser | Variety: various kinds of utility metres

Our advanced MDMS solution provides comprehensive energy data management, integrating seamlessly with both traditional and renewable energy sources. We enhance grid intelligence, reliability, and sustainability through our integrated approach, including DERMS and ADMS capabilities.

Our MDMS platform integrates seamlessly with advanced metering infrastructure, providing accurate data management, real-time analytics, and enhanced operational efficiency. With integrated DERMS, we enable utilities to optimize their energy management systems and support sustainable energy initiatives.


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Resolve Operational Inefficiencies with Our Smart Meter Data Management System

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Gain Actionable Insights and Improve Decision-Making with Our Advanced Meter Data Management Solution.

It's about giving power back to the utilities.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Achieve precise metering data accuracy to optimize grid management and operational efficiency.

Theft Detection

Implement robust theft detection algorithms to safeguard against unauthorized energy consumption, ensuring revenue protection and operational integrity.

Verification, Estimation, and Editing (VEE)

Utilize advanced VEE algorithms to validate, estimate, and edit metering data, ensuring high accuracy and reliability for critical decision-making and operational efficiency

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly incorporate advanced metering infrastructure to enhance network visibility and control.


Voltreum is at the forefront of revolutionizing India's AMI/Smart Metering programs, providing essential support for modernizing energy networks.

Voltreum's MDMS is designed to optimize energy management across various sectors, ensuring precise data insights and operational efficiency tailored to meet your specific needs.

$ 179 BUSD

Global Digital Utility Market Size


CAGR from 2023 to 2030

$3.2 BUSD

Indian smart meter market size

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building the future


Recognized & Backed by Leading Programs

Voltreum is proud to be part of prestigious accelerator and grant programs including Shell E4, iHub Gujarat, IIM Visakhapatnam EIR, STPI Chunauti, and I-Venture ISB, reflecting our innovation and industry impact.

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Q4 2024

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Integrate + Manage + Empower

Streamline operations and optimize grid performance with precise metering and analytics.

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What is Voltreum's MDMS platform?

Voltreum's Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is a sophisticated software solution designed to manage and analyze metering data from smart meters. It provides utilities with accurate insights into energy consumption, allowing for optimized grid management and operational efficiency.

How does Voltreum's MDMS benefit electricity companies?

Voltreum's MDMS enhances operational efficiency by providing utilities with real-time and historical data analytics. This helps in detecting anomalies, improving load forecasting, and enabling proactive maintenance. The platform also supports integration with existing systems, ensuring seamless deployment and scalability.

What features does Voltreum's MDMS offer?

Voltreum's MDMS offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities crucial for efficient energy management. It includes advanced meter data validation (VEE) to ensure precise billing determinants and maintain data accuracy. The system supports seamless integration of renewable energy through net metering, while also managing exceptions in metering data and enabling utilities to perform remote connection and disconnection tasks efficiently. These features collectively enhance operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and customer service, empowering utilities to meet evolving energy demands effectively.

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