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Empowering people to

Our blockchain-enabled platform puts people at the centre of energy trading. You decide how much energy you save, share, or sell.

What makes Voltreum future leaders?

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Our efficient solution brings energy-saving and trading autonomy by connecting your renewable-energy grid with community and central grids.

Our blockchain-based platform promises efficiency in transmission, guarantees fair prices, and above all reduces dependency on traditional grids based on fossil fuels - helping our planet breathe.


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Beat Unfair and Opaque Energy Pricing

That's the guarantee you get with

The distributed energy future that we're building empowers people like you and me to control, participate and trade energy in the network.

It's about giving power back to the people.


Leverage clean and renewable energy sources to fuel your energy consumption


Remodel your energy needs by employing cutting-edge smart meters with 100% accuracy


Become self-sufficient by transitioning to decentralized grids and always have reliable power


Save, share or sell the energy at your disposal. Democratize energy, energize the future


Voltreum is leading this revolution and is fully equipped to support you in setting up an autonomous and automated energy network.

Remote microgrids and commercial and industrial units represent nearly 70% of global microgrid capacity. No matter where you are located and how complex your microgrid network is, Voltreum's blockchain-fuelled platform can enable smooth transmission and trading - guaranteeing a fair price for your saved energy.


CAGR expected for microgrids between 2021-27


Billion - microgrid market in 2022


Billion - microgrid market by 2027


America's share in the Microgrid market


Countries have pledged to achieve net zero in the coming decades


Billion - Potential electric grid revenue pool in Europe in 2025


Trillion - Global demand for net zero and sustainable offerings


Trillion - Global demand for net zero offerings in the power sector

How we are
building the future


All Things Meta

Voltreum will soon be on the Metaverse, and together we will build and experience new worlds. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Q3 2022


Due diligence

  • Deep dive analysis of the Energy market
  • Study of the current energy requirements/forecast for the next decade
  • Study of the problems with the current state of the energy market, challenges with global energy generation, transmission and distribution
  • Study of the problems faced by gencos, transcos and discoms
  • Evaluation of country wise energy market regulations
  • Articulating the problem statement
  • Competitor analysis - Including software and hardware players across the globe
  • Evaluation of key feature offerings by each player in the field
  • GAP assessment / SWOT analysis

Q4 2022


Core team formation

  • Identifying and interviewing subject matter experts from the industry
  • Shortlisting and rolling out of contracts/NDAs with selected members

Q2 2023


Project planning

  • Formulating the scope of work (SoW) document to cover the proof of concept testing and final state system development
  • Creating the work breakdown structure and timelines for tasks related to the power syste design, technology development, marketing, sales, and partnerships
  • Identifying the stakeholder management plan and RACI matrix
  • Formulating key project milestones with clearly defined timelines
  • Financial projections required throughout the project lifecycle

Q3 2023


Proof of concept / Minimum viable product development

  • Drafting of physical line diagrams and load profiles for the PoC
  • Evaluation of the various load profiles as per electric standards
  • Drafing of test cases based on variations in generation andusage considering differential loads
  • Procurement of smart meters and power/load equipments for the PoC
  • Development of a broker service for establishing communication with various smart meters (GSM, PLC, Modbus, Radio frequency mesh, SCADA)
  • Development of Voltreum Core Processing (VCP) engine and backend logic for recording transactions on the blockchain system
  • Smart contract deployment on the testnet server
  • Fine-tuning the VCP engine logic with an aim to develop a robust and resilient core
  • Security audit of the VCP engine
  • Deriving key metrics and associated costs for the end to end transaction to develop the business case and financial projections
  • Business case creation

Q3 2024

In progress

UI/UX development

  • Finalizing a list of top features/parameters in line with feedback from key stakeholders (Discoms, Govt agencies, End users)
  • User access management in line with significant data security and compliance standards
  • Mobile app and web interface UI and UX design

Q4 2024


Go to market

  • Roll-out of community management services to build brand awareness

Q2 2025


Strategic partnerships for pilot testing

  • PAN India expansion
  • Documenting key lessons learnt
  • Optimizing the application based on lessons learnt

Save + Trade + Share

Say hello to self-sustenance! Say hello to clean energy!
Say hello to positive energy

Save the energy you make; Share the energy you save; Sell the energy you share
With Voltreum, say hello to a whole new world where energy is democratized and affordable!


Meet our

Core team


How can I get better pricing for my saved electricity?

Voltreum provides a blockchain-powered solution, enabling autonomous and intelligent energy trading across your community based on demand and supply. This allows you to connect with multiple buyers (and sellers) ensuring better rates based on the market than selling out for flat rates to the country grid.

Is energy trading aligned to government policies?

Yes. When powered by decentralized systems like Voltreum, energy trading among microgrids takes a hefty load out of the country grid, reducing dependency on expensive fossil fuels. Not only does this relieve the strain on state coffers, but it is also climate-friendly.

Are leveraging localized distribution networks and microgrids the future of energy networks?

It indeed is. Localized distribution networks and sustainable microgrids are being identified as a bulwark against climate change and increasingly common natural disasters worldwide. Amid extreme weather events, traditional grids struggle to keep the power flowing. Localized distribution networks and microgrids can ensure higher availability without harming the environment.

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